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3 easy steps to use Ryanair fare finder for cheap flights

3 easy steps to use Ryanair fare finder for cheap flights

Finding cheap hidden flights with Ryanair As I have written before, I like flying cheap so I am always on the lookout for budget flights. Ryanair is one of the companies I fly with because they often give out cheap tickets to good destinations. How […]

Getting from Sofia Airport to the central bus station

Getting from Sofia Airport to the central bus station

How to reach the central Sofia bus station from Sofia airport Sofia airport is the biggest international airport in Bulgaria. Located in the capital, the airport has two terminals and serves more and more passengers each year. So, if you’re flying to Bulgaria you will […]

Girls in Bulgaria – Balkans nature beauty

Girls in Bulgaria – Balkans nature beauty

Bulgaria is popular with its beautiful girls and nice shopping malls (not only in Sofia)

girls in Bulgaria
Bulgarian girls are beautiful

Bulgaria is a beautiful country and so are Bulgarian girls and women. The natural beauty of Bulgarian ladies is popular worldwide and that is no surprise to anyone in the region.

Girls in Sofia

If you take a quick walk at any of the popular Sofia shopping malls you will see hundreds of good looking Bulgarian girls. Well, some of them may look a bit strange due to questionable outfit or facial tuning but most of the women around there are naturally pretty. Even those with cheap clothing and less make up are attractive in its own way. And don’t get me wrong, we are not promoting Bulgarian beauty and their girls in general but it is just worth mentioning facts that are not so well known in all parts of the world.


Here are my top 5 reasons to visit Bulgaria:

  • Unbelievable variety of nature beauty – extremely rich flora and fauna
  • Cheap and delicious food
  • Cheap goods
  • Beautiful girls
  • Mixed architecture – both modern and socialism like

You may find girls in Sofia particularly young and beautiful because of the fact that most of the big Bulgarian universities are located here. There are literally tens of thousands of student girls that moved to Sofia to get their higher education. Of course going to a bar in Sofia will definitely give you the opportunity to meet fine looking and attractive Bulgarian ladies which are also educated (they came here to study after all).

Girls at the Bulgarian seaside

If you travel in Bulgaria you should definitely check their seaside at the eastern part of the country where the Black sea is located. At the nice sandy beaches there you can definitely meet a lot of beautiful Bulgarian girls, especially if you go to destinations like Sunny beach, Sozopol, Varna or Burgas.

Ladies in Plovdiv

Plovidv girls are well known for their beauty. The ancient Tracian city is host for many college students not only from Bulgaria. Of course beautiful girls can be seen in any of the three Plovdiv malls as well as at the city clubs at the center.

Girls in Bansko

Bansko is the most popular winter resort in Bulgaria. There are many hotels, bars and restaurants there and in the Razlog area. It is pretty nice to see beautiful mountain views over there but also the pretty Bulgarian girls are a big driver for visiting this winter resort.




Bulgaria is a beautiful country that you should definitely visit for so many reasons. Meeting beautiful girls there is one of them but please make sure to keep your manners, Bulgaria is a EU members and rude attitude and disrespectful behavior are not tolerated, just like it should be.

Using Wizz Air trip planner for cheap flights

Using Wizz Air trip planner for cheap flights

Using Wizz Air’s trip planner to find hidden cheap flights – step by step guide with pictures The famous low-cost Hungarian company Wizz Air has recently introduced a new feature on their website which allows you to find a cheap flight quick and easy. Previously, […]

Buses from Sofia Airport

Buses from Sofia Airport

Getting from Sofia Airport to the city center Bus 84 from Terminal 2 to city center Bus 184 from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and city center Run every 30 minites No buses after midnight Ticket price: 1,60 BGN (0.8 EUR) Popular hotels in Sofia […]

Bus to Bergamo airport

Bus to Bergamo airport

Getting from Bergamo Airport to the town of Bergamo

  • Bus number 1 or 1A
  • Runs every 30 minutes
  • Runs during the night too
  • Route: from the airport – train station – city center – Funicolar station – upper (old) town
  • Stops close to Best Western and San Marco hotels
  • Ticket price: 2 EUR

Bus 1 is a city network bus that links passengers from the airport to the town of Bergamo and back. It goes from Bergamo airport (bus stop is in front of the airport entrance) to Bergamo train station situated in Piazza Marconi. It then proceeds to the city center then onto the Funicolar station and then up to the upper / old town ‘Città Alta’. The ride is around 20 minutes from airport to the center.

Ex Church of Sant’Agostino and Fara in Bergamo
Ex Church of Sant’Agostino and Fara in Bergamo – one of the places where bus 1 stops at the old town

The bus does not have a separate luggage compartment, so you have to carry the luggage on the bus with you.

Important! Make sure to ask the driver if the bus stops at the airport, as some of them don’t! The buses that run to the airport from Bergamo usually have a picture of a plane or have the word Aeroporto displayed on the front of the bus.

Top 4 unpopular reasons to visit Turin


The bus runs every 30 minutes from 6am – midnight. After midnight, the bus runs every hour or so.


You can buy a ticket before boarding the bus at one of the kiosks at the airport or the machine near the bus stop. Sometimes the driver will also carry tickets, but they will be more expensive.
If you want to buy tickets in Bergamo you can buy it from Bergamo train station, a couple of newsagents and the ATB office in Largo Porta Nuova. The price is 2 EUR.

When you get on the bus, validate the ticket by inserting it into one of the small machines. If you don’t validate it means the ticket has not been used.

Bergamo bus 1 is a cheap and efficient way of getting to and from the airport and also around the city itself.

Top reasons to visit the Gothic quarter in Barcelona in October

Top reasons to visit the Gothic quarter in Barcelona in October

October visit in Barcelona’s famous Gothic quarter Great views of Barcelona In today’s post I would like to give you an idea for a short weekend autumn trip in Europe. With Halloween coming close, going to Barcelona’s Gothic quarter is a great idea. You can […]

Top 3 shopping malls in Plovdiv

Top 3 shopping malls in Plovdiv

List of top 3 malls in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for shopping and entertainment experience Top 3 shopping malls in Sofia Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria after Sofia and is voted to be 2019 European capital of culture. Besides cultural heritage, this city can […]

Driving from Vidin to Craiova by European route E79

Driving from Vidin to Craiova by European route E79

One day drive from Vidin, Bulgaria to Craiova, Romania by E79

Pictures from the Craiova food festival


We visited Craiova last weekend and to see their food festival. We arrived there by car from Northern Bulgaria so we had to cross the Danube bridge connecting Bulgarian city Vidin and Romanian town Calafat.



The road from Vidin (or Sofia – the capital) to Craiova is the European route E79, part of the international E-road network. The whole route begins in Hungary and ends in Greece, so it connects the capital Sofia with the north-western part of the country and with Romania.

The Bulgarian part of E79 from Sofia to Vidin is not a very comfortable drive and it could take you 3.5 – 4 hours on average. There is often road maintenance (currently the part between Vratsa and Montana is being worked on). It’s not unusual to get stuck in traffic caused by lots of heavyweight trucks or road accidents.

The Bulgarian part of E79, highlighted

The drive from Vidin to Craiova is around 1 hour 30 minutes if you don’t get stuck in traffic delays on the border after the bridge. The distance is around 90 km driving on country roads, no highway. The state of the road is good, although there are renovations ongoing currently in the part closest to the border.

Our trip took longer than that as we got stuck in a delay on the border. There was a queue of cars and TIR trucks and we waited more than an hour to cross the border.

How to make your trip easier:

  • make sure to schedule your trip to avoid lunchtime – the queues are big and there are delays
  • choosing early morning time is best and will give you more time to explore and return home early
  • have your ID card or passport ready along with your car license and registration
  • do not bring too much luggage if not needed – they will check it which will delay you and other passengers
  • do not carry any meat or byproducts – they are forbidden

What we saw in Craiova

Craiova is a beautiful city with classic European architecture. The Hungarian influence is noticeable in the buildings and streets, as in most of Romania. There are lots of places to see if you have more time to look around. We had only a couple of hours but I managed to take some amazing pictures as shown in my gallery below.

Have you visited Craiova? Share and comment below!


Pictures from the street food festival in Craiova, Romania

Pictures from the street food festival in Craiova, Romania

Craiova’s street food festival 27 – 30 September 2018 Street food festival events are getting very popular in Europe. Lots of cities and towns now organize one or more food festivals during the year to attract tourists. This weekend we visited Craiova in Romania and […]

Nice sandy beaches in Castelldefels, Spain

Nice sandy beaches in Castelldefels, Spain

5 days stay in the sunny and reasonably crowded Castelldefels, Spain


Hey all. Today, I will share some of my impressions from our trip to Castelldefels, Spain last summer (or should I say by the end of the summer since we went in the late September). It was kind of a short trip with just 5 nights in this beautiful country but it was definitely worth spending some time in Catalonia region.

Here are the things we like most in Castelldefels:

  • Enormous sandy beach
  • Nice views 
  • Close to Barcelona

What we didn’t like in Castelldefels

  • Parking – parking on the street will cost you in central locations around town
  • It is kind of expensive
  • Not too much to do – entertainment options are limited


Initially we wanted to visit Barcelona and probably that is the main reason to pick Castelldefels for our stay – it is some 20 km from Barcelona, so it was easy to travel back and forth during the day with our rental car. This small town is famous for its extremely long beach (over 5 km) and also a vacation place for many famous people and some celebrities.

Castelldefels beach
Castelldefels and its enormous beach with amazing seaside views

The hotel

Our 5-night stay was pleasant enough thanks to our kind hosts from SG Marina 54 Apartments. The hotel is comfortably located in the middle of Castelldefels and just 5 minutes walk from the nice sandy beach.  SG Marina 54 Apartments offers studios and apartments on good prices but I can’t confirm if it is the same case in the peak season. Our studio was clean and roomy enough so no complaints whatsoever.


Since Barcelona was pretty close, we didn’t miss a chance to visit it. There’s so much to say about this city that I will dedicate a series of posts where I will share detailed info and impressions after our trips in the Catalonia’s capital city. Trips from Castelldefels usually took about 30-40 minutes (sometimes longer due to the heavy traffic) by car. It was a relatively new Fiat Panda which did a good job in carrying us around without any big expenses for fuel/maintenance.