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5 best tips for first-time travelers

5 best tips for first-time travelers

If you’re planning your first trip abroad and need travel advice to get it all organized, you’re in the right place! I would like to share several points to consider mainly for first-time travelers who plan to fly abroad for a few-day sightseeing trip. However, […]

3 unpopular countries in Europe you should visit

3 unpopular countries in Europe you should visit

Tired of mainstream tourist destinations? Check out these 3 unpopular European countries for your next trip! When people plan their vacation in Europe, most often than not they consider France, Germany, Spain or Italy. The more adventurous may visit the Netherlands, Scotland or Ireland, even […]

Top travel destinations in 2018

Top travel destinations in 2018

Already planning your travel destination for 2018? Look no further!

If you need help to plan your vacations for the next year,’s selection of 10 top destinations is just for you!


Morocco is an exotic country in every sense of the word. Markets, spices and unusual customs are everywhere for tourists to admire. A little bit of modern, lots of Islamic traditional, the country is charming in its own way.

One of the most visited cities in Morocco is Marrakesh – the commercial and cultural center of the country. Although not a capital, Marrakesh is the heart of Morocco and bears the true Moroccan spirit.

Some of the places you would want to see in Morocco are:

  • Djemaa El Fna – the main square of the major city of Marrakesh.
  • City of Fez, often referred to as Morocco’s cultural capital. Also famous for being the world’s largest car-free city
  • High Atlas mountains
  • Moroccan beaches

Moroccan currency MAD is cheap, 10 MAD are around USD 1, so accommodation and travel will come fairly affordable.

Every visitor to Morocco will have to be extra vigilant, as the country is sadly known for many pick-pockets and fake tour guides, so be cautious!


Moroccan landscape. Image taken from


2018 will be a perfect time to visit one of the most densely populated and most mysterious countries in the world – India. I don’t think I know anyone who has not dreamed f going there, myself included.

For first-timers, India will be a bit overwhelming. The country is vast and there is so much to see that you can exhaust yourself trying to fit it all in one visit. This is why would recommend the ‘golden triangle’ trip, which includes the cities Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. You can visit all three in a 5-day trip and still have time to see most of the landmarks.

Another way to approach your vacation in India is to focus on either southern or northern part of the country. In-country flights in India are plenty and cheap. A whole 5-day vacation with in-country flight transfers, transport from and to India, food, accommodation and guides would amount for ~ USD 2500.


Infamous Taj Mahal, image from GettyImages


The paradise beaches and beautiful nature of the Philippines is dream destination to visit next year. The hotel prices are constantly dropping and with careful planning in advice, you can strike a great deal.

The climate in the Philippines is magical – 26 deg C average year temperature, without any extreme hots or colds. The best time to visit the country is between November and May when the temperature is the most pleasant for the tropical climate there.

Azure waters, huge beaches and cheap food & drink are not the only reasons for you to visit the Philippines. They have the biggest shopping malls, the most welcoming people and beautiful nature with the most diverse wildlife. Some places you should see when in the Philippines are:

  • Town of El Nido on Palawan island
  • Boracay island with its crystal waters and white beaches
  • Banaue rice terraces – a world heritage place 2000 years old
  • Chocolate hills on Bohol island


View from Palawan island. Image taken from Pinterest.


Famous for its beautiful nature, Ireland is a place you don’t want to miss out in 2018. The amazing Cliffs of Moher in Western Ireland will leave you breathless. The famous tourist walk – Ring of Kerry will grant you the most amazing views. The unbelievable Giant’s Causeway is a natural phenomena of rock columns that almost look too perfect to be true.

The charming Skelling islands are a home of old monastic complex. The Aran islands are a place where you can experience pre-modern Ireland where the people seldom drive cars and still speak Gaelic as a first language.

The Irish capital Dublin is a must-see city – Trinity College, the Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral and so much more.


The amazing countryside of Ireland. Image taken from


With its historical sites and beautiful nature, Spain is another place on our list that you must see in 2018 if you haven’t already. The modern architecture mixes with ancient culture from Roman times and Medieval Europe.

Some of the places you should definitely see if you find yourself in Spain are:

  • Alhambra palace in Granada, the seat of the first Narrid king
  • Valencia, where you can see modern Spanish architecture
  • Island of Mallorca where you can spend your summer time on the beaches
  • Costa del Sol resorts
  • Barcelona, of course, to marvel at Gaudi architecture and so much more

Spain is also very affordable nowadays, with regular cheap flights of companies such as Wizz Air or Ryanair. Accommodation prices have also gone down.


Spanish boat harbor. Image taken from

Indonesia and Bali island

With the summer of 2018 just around the corner (hopefully…) vacations in Bali and other Indonesian islands are very popular searches among tourists. With good reason, of course – the Indonesian islands are a piece of heaven on Earth.

Indonesia has over 13 000 islands and thousands of temples, more than you can visit in your whole lifetime. Most people would go to visit Bali island, but here are some other Indonesian locations that you must consider:

  • Sumatra
  • Gili islands
  • Komodo national park
  • Java island
  • Lombok island, know as the less-populated Bali


Misool Eco resort in Indonesia


Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly interesting and popular tourist destination in latest years. Bulgarians are investing in more luxurious hotels on the Black Sea riviera and in the numerous mountain resorts.

The country is located in Eastern Europe and is famous for the beautiful nature and cheap prices that attract tourists from all around the world. Ancient history and typical Bulgarian traditions are curious and the food is extremely delicious so you will not regret your visit.

Regardless of if you wish a seaside beach vacation or to relax in the mountains, Bulgaria has everything you need.


Seaside resort Saint Thomas in Bulgaria


Croatia is situated in Central and Southern Europe on the Adriatic sea. The capital is Zagreb, but the famous city of Dubrovnik is the magnet for tourists to Croatia.

The old city of Dubrovnik is famous for its massive stone walls and authentic buildings from 16th century. The city is located on the Adriatic sea in the Dalmatian region. It’s used for marine trade, both in the past and now.

Dubrovnik has recently become increasingly popular as the TV series Game of Thrones is partially filmed there. Westeros capital King’s Landing is portrayed in Dubrovnik. They are so proud of this fact that they dedicated a whole website to the filming locations: King’s Landing.

Croatia is also famous for its beautiful seaside resorts, with Zlatni Rat being the most famous one. The Croatian riviera is truly impressive, and also affordable. There are plenty of hotels and guesthouses, food and drink prices are reasonable as well.


Aerial view of Dubrovnik, image taken from Wikipedia

Don’t forget that wherever you decide to travel, you can book your stay with 10% discount with our instructions here!


Top 3 shopping malls in Sofia, Bulgaria

Top 3 shopping malls in Sofia, Bulgaria

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Top 5 reasons why you should plan your next summer vacation in Bulgaria

Top 5 reasons why you should plan your next summer vacation in Bulgaria

Have you ever thought to plan your summer vacation in Bulgaria? Yes, me neither. But you should. Find out why below. You will probably wonder why you should bother visiting the Bulgarian riviera. After all, Greece and Turkey to the south and Albania to the […]

Hurricane Irma wipes an island off the map! Live updates on the hurricane’s path!

Hurricane Irma wipes an island off the map! Live updates on the hurricane’s path!

The island of Barbuda is almost non-existant after it crossed hurricane Irma’s path

  • The prime minister of Barbuda and Antigua confirmed that over 90% of the structures on the island are destroyed after 185 mph hurricane battered the island
  • The island was a home of 1,700 people and it’s now uninhabitable
  • For now, only one person has been confirmed dead

The islands of Antigua and Barts have also taken damage, althought lesser in comparison to Barbuda. The death toll is low, only two confirmed deaths for now. It is expected that the death and injured toll will rise after the rescue and recovery works begin. There are reports of destroyed buildings and roofs. By report of the senator of St. Barts island “… it is apocalyptic, a lot of damage…”

The islands of St. Barts and Antigua are both in the way of the upcoming hurricane Jose, which is barreling towards the U.S. following Irma’s path.

Is Irma going to hit Florida?

The hurricane is surely making its way towards the U.S. coast and it was expected to hit over this weekend. Miami is feeling the prelude to the gigantic storm as we speak. Reports of violent winds and rains in Florida have reached us, typical for a Category 3 storm. People are to evacuate immediately before the worst of the storm hits the shores.

At the moment, Irma’s turning from Cuba’s norther coast to U.S. The maximum sustained winds are 140 mph but expected to increase and turn into a category 4 storm to reach Florida.

Meteorologist Brian James of NBC 5 has reported that Irma is now the size of Texas, a whooping 785 miles wide. He has compared the storm to the size of the U.S. states to gives us an impression of how big of a monster the storm is in his tweet.

Image taken by NBC5

The size of the monstrous storm compared to U.S. mainland

Compared to European countries, Irma would cover U.K and Ireland together, or France alone. It is a terrible beast and we can only hope that the people of Florida will evacuate or prepare accordingly for the storm to come.

Hurricane Irma headed toward Florida? – LIVE UPDATES

Hurricane Irma headed toward Florida? – LIVE UPDATES

Live updates on the hurricane’s path The storm hit several North-Eastern Islands, Barbuda took the greatest damage with 90% buildings destroyed Death toll in the Caribbean rises Florida – still too soon to say if the tornado will hit Florida or where. Evacuation order is […]

Top locations close to Sofia for a weekend trip – Tsari Mali Grad

Top locations close to Sofia for a weekend trip – Tsari Mali Grad

Include this landmark in your list when your plan your visit to Sofia, Bulgaria! Tsari Mali Grad is an ancient hilltop fortress outside the town of Belchin, Bulgaria. Belchin is 90 km south of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. You can get to the fortress […]

Hurricane Irma turning into a monstrous storm – what we know so far + NASA footage

Hurricane Irma turning into a monstrous storm – what we know so far + NASA footage

Hurricane Irma now stronger than Katrina – where will it hit?

Hurricane Irma is currently a Category 5 storm with potential catastrophic impact for the areas within its path. For comparison, Katrina, one of the most destructive hurricanes in U.S. history, made it to Category 5 over the Gulf of Mexico.

  • The monstrous storm Irma is currently moving through U.S. Virgin Islands and into Puerto Rico on Wednesday Sept 06, afternoon or night. The forecasts change hourly but it’s expected that Irma will hit Florida this weekend.
  • President Trump has declared a state of emergency for Florida.
  • Florida governor Rick Scott has activated the national guard and mandatory evacuation is under way

 Hurricane Irma – latest update

Terrifying NASA footage shows the hurricane Harvey about to slam the Texas coast

As you can see, Harvey, who hit the US less than 2 weeks ago was ‘only’ a category 4, whilst we expect Irma to level up to 5.

It’s still too soon to say where Irma will go, but the forecast strongly suggests that Irma is headed toward south Florida this weekend.

The Category 5 label means Irma will maintain winds of at least 157 mph expected to reach even 215 mph. This makes Irma a severe tornado, which can tear off roofs, homes, toss cars, overturn trains, and uproot large trees.

Where and when we expect Irma to hit

The last time the U.S. suffered a Category 5 storm was with Katrina. When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and the Bahamas in 2005, it killed 1,800 people, damaged 275,000 homes, cost $100 billion, and flooded 80% of New Orleans. We are still not sure what to expect, experts say, but it’s likely that the storm will be destructive.

How to prepare for hurricane Irma

There is no sure way to know if Irma will hit the coast directly, but in any case the impact will be severe. The biggest danger is flooding, along with the destructive winds. The only way for Florida population to remain safe is evacuation.

Hurricane Irma – Sep 6 video 

Here are some steps to take into consideration:

  • Map your route, major highways are expected to be crowded
  • Fill your gas tank
  • Contact your bank to inform them that you are in the area of expected hurricane and will evacuate
  • Book your hotel in advance
  • Do not forget to take your pets along, it is not certain that they will survive the storm

Most important items to pack:

  • Cash preferably to credit / debit cards
  • Clothes
  • Food and drinkable water
  • Cell phones with portable charger or spare batteries
  • Pets with food and water for at least a week
  • Flashlight
  • First-aid kit
  • Paper maps in case of loss of cell phone coverage or batteries

What if you do not evacuate? What to consider if you stay for the storm

  • Remove close-by damaged trees or branches likely to fall
  • Board your windows
  • Prepare your portable generator if you have one. Do not run portable generators indoors or in the rain and do not plug them into wall outlets
  • Prepare enough food and water for your family and pets
  • Fill up your gas tank
  • Prepare cell phone batteries, external chargers, flashlights and first-aid kit
Top 5 budget offers for your trip to Thessaloniki for under EUR 50 per night

Top 5 budget offers for your trip to Thessaloniki for under EUR 50 per night

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